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a software
development studio.

Websites | Mobile Apps | Tailored cloud software solutions;
We help small to medium sized businesses achieve their goals. No job is too small.
Drop us a line at hello@tecks.com.au or +61 423 867 581

We're glad you're here!

You’re probably here because you’re looking for great people to help build your product. We do that, and a whole lot more!
Whether you’re a startup founder or part of a team trying to shake things up, we can help get your idea off the ground and grow it into a successful digital product that your users will love.

Who are we?

Tecks is a technology company based in Melbourne, Australia.
We specialise in mobile app and web development by using the latest tecks in web technologies. For now, our team is focused on engaging and assisting small to medium sized businesses develop end-to-end solutions.


+61 423 867 581